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An Ambulance For Lacor Hospital

It is with a grateful heart that I inform you that Social Promise’s 2015 end-of-year campaign was a success.  We asked for help and once again you, our generous donors, answered.

In early November we launched our campaign.  The goal?  To raise $40,000 to purchase an ambulance for Lacor Hospital.  When I visited the hospital last summer, I met with Dr. Martin Ogwang, one of Lacor’s three main directors.  He expressed a need for a new ambulance to help meet patient demand and to serve as many community members as possible.

At the time, Lacor had three ambulances in operating condition.  One was used to transfer patients to Mulago Hospital in Kampala for desperate medical cases such as head injuries.  One was kept on standby for emergency use, and the final one was used to transport patients between Lacor and its three peripheral health centers in the community.  This was a devastating situation for a hospital of this size with three health centers and a lack of quality public transportation.

Not only did we meet our goal, we exceeded it!  In December we transferred $45,600 to Lacor to purchase a Land Cruiser ambulance with a separate patient cabin, a first aid package which includes a stretcher and oxygen kit, a lockable drug compartment, lights and a siren.  The additional funds will be used for fuel and salary support for the driver and emergency care nurse.

On behalf of Dr. Martin Ogwang at Lacor Hospital and all of us at Social Promise, we thank you for your support.  The new ambulance will be an intricate component in Lacor’s continuing mission to serve as many people as possible in the community of Gulu.

Apwoyo Matek

 * The photo used in this post is of the current ambulance being used at Lacor.  I will post a photo of the brand new ambulance you funded as soon as it arrives.

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