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Top 10 Things You Should Know About Social Promise

10. We are a volunteer-run nonprofit organization. None of the money we receive from donors is used to pay employee salaries.

9. We partner with well-established Ugandan organizations that provide health or educational resources to impoverished communities. Our current partners are St. Jude Children’s Home and Lacor Hospital; both are located in Gulu, Uganda.

8. We believe that providing access to healthcare and education are two of the most successful ways in which to help people living in extreme poverty – to help them reach the bottom rung of the ladder so they can begin to climb upwards on their own. Through access to these resources, we will increase the likelihood that the people we are helping will develop independence from our assistance.

7. Due to the generosity of our donors, we are currently sending 42 young women from St. Jude Children’s Home to secondary school.

6. The mission of Lacor Hospital is to provide the best quality care to the highest number of people at the lowest cost possible. Although patient costs are very low, many people in the community cannot afford to receive medical care. Lacor never turns away a patient in need. Social Promise helps to cover these everyday operating costs to ensure patents can always be served.

5. Annually, members of our board of directors visit our partners to observe the work they are accomplishing, quantify what we can do to help, and experience the myriad ways your generous funding is working.

4. A significant component of our mission is to raise awareness in our own communities. We want you to be informed, and to realize that your donation makes an immeasurable impact in this poverty stricken area.

3. We believe that children have a natural ability to empathize, and a corresponding motivation to help others. It is our goal to inspire a lifelong commitment to volunteerism and philanthropy in young people here in the US.

2. Every dollar you donate to Social Promise goes a very long way. The current exchange rate is approximately $3,600 shillings to every US dollar. One adult patient is asked to pay $3,000 shillings to be treated at Lacor Hospital. This is less than 1 US dollar.

1. By supporting local nonprofit institutions, we empower people to change lives in their local environment. We are convinced that the institutions we help have ideas and passion and knowledge, and are only lacking the means to implement their life changing ideas. So rather than moving into Uganda and implementing our own programs, we search for heroes in Uganda who are already working to make a difference in their communities.

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