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Home Again, Home Again


My trip to Uganda was short.  I missed my children and husband desperately, and in this sense, it was just the right amount of time.  I had the opportunity to meet extraordinary people and learn more about this community than I could have learned in an entire semester of schooling.  I was not ready to leave, but I know I will visit again in the future.  And let’s be honest, it was a relief to step onto U.S. soil again.

Hospital Tour         Sharon and Will

I have included some random photos in this post, as I believe they give you, my reader, a clearer visual picture of my trip.  Please utilize this post as a spring board for discussion.  What do you want to hear more about?  What questions do you have?  Please ask me anything- I am eager to share my experiences with you.  And please, continue reading my blog.  Weekly I will be posting more photos from the trip-there is so much more to share.  Additionally, I will be blogging about Social Promise and all the great things happening in the US, as well as updates about our partners in Uganda.  Eventually I hope to have this blog attached to our web page.  (Spoiler Alert: The webpage is being redesigned- exciting!  Stay tuned.)

Children at Orphanage           IMG_2515

And finally, for your enjoyment, here is a sampling of dumb things I did while traveling:

1.  While waiting in line at the airport, I knocked my suitcase over about five times on the poor man behind me in line.  I was lucky, he was kind.

2.  I forgot my carry-on bag when going through security.

3.  I left a pile of cash in my back pocket when going through security.  I had to be patted down by a female security guard.  She put her hands inside my pants. It was not pleasant.

4.  While retrieving my bag from the overhead compartment after a flight, I knocked a fellow passenger in the head with my backpack.

5.  When boarding the flight from Entebbe airport to London, I heard a man yelling “Sarah McGee, Sarah McGee.”  How cool, I thought, I know someone in Africa!  Turns out I dropped my American Express card on the ground and he was kind enough to return it.

Just another day in the life of Sarah McGee


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  1. Sharon

    I would just like to add my endorsement to that list. It is all real. And only a sampling. but nonetheless, Sarah is a joy to travel with! Truly a low maintenance traveler and completely 100% dedicated to learning about the people and our partners in Uganda (well – that and shopping for things that we will give you in return for donations!)

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