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A Day At Gulu Market



Sharon-basket Sarah-Fabric

Shopping is something I enjoy doing- I think we can all agree on that.  I love the search, the find, and most importantly, the purchase.  Little did I know shopping in Uganda is as great, possibly even better, than shopping in New York City.  Here is a list of reasons why:

1.  Will Carpenter.  This man has become my new best friend.  He is a muzunga (white person) that has been living in Gulu for the past year or so.  He is also a former student of Sharon and the newest member of Social Promise’s Board of Directors.  Will is the man you go to when you need to get something done.  Enter Rafael and Franco- my drivers and personal shoppers for the day.  They took us on their boda-bodas to market, negotiated the best prices, and then carried my bags after I made purchases!  I am wondering how I can talk them into moving back to NY with me…

Will, Raphael, Franco

Raphael, Will and Franco

2.  The prices!!  Everything is significantly less expensive here, although you feel like you are spending a lot ( remember 2,000 for a coke?  That’s shillings, not dollars.)  Even better, I know I am putting money into an extremely poor economy.  Families can feed their children when people purchase their wares.  This is significant as it allows people the opportunity to become self-sufficient and make their own money.

Woman at market

3.  Gifts for our donors.  We would not be Social Promise without you-our donors.  Your contributions mean the world to us as well as to the families living here in Gulu.  We constantly think about you and how we can thank you and let you know how much you are appreciated.  We have chosen some special things for you as well- to thank you for your generosity.

4.  Souvenirs.  These are things I will never by in NY anymore- I have lived there for over 10 years.  Searching for something special for the people you love is a great adventure.  Sure, we purchase gifts on birthdays and holidays, but being in a foreign place trying to find the perfect gift that reflects not only the recipient but the ambiance of your destination?  I love this.  Everyone loves a thoughtful gift from a meaningful trip, and I am anxious to share what I have found.

tire flip flopsovens


Flip flops made from tires                                                stoves

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