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Dinner With The Directors


What an evening! I feel like I have received the VIP treatment while being here in Gulu. Sharon and I had the opportunity to meet, share ideas and share a meal with a distinguished group of people this evening.

This special night was hosted by Dominique Corti- the daughter of Lacor Hospital founders Lucille Teasdale and Piero Corti. Dominique has been a gracious host to us since we arrived. It was an honor to be invited to attend this supper.

The guest of honors were the three directors from the hospital. Dr. Cyprian Opira- Executive Director, Dr. Emintone A. Odong-Medical Director, and Dr. Martin Ogwang- Institutional Director. In addition to Social Promise, the Teasdale Canadian Foundation and the Corti Italian Foundation were present. We all work to raise money for Lacor Hospital, and each of us had the opportunity to present our thoughts and ideas to the directors who in turn spoke to us about the current successes and needs of the hospital.

And then for the fun part. We sat down to a beautiful supper that was hosted by Dominique. I was given the honor of saying grace before this amazing group of people. This was very special to me. We were fortunate to have a cake served to us for dessert- this is a rare treat in Gulu. To mark this celebration, there was a ” cake cutting ceremony” where some of the dinner guests were invited to help cut the cake. Check out Sharon doing her part!



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