Sarah drinking Coca-Cola
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I Need Your Help!

Many of you know that I gave up drinking Coke on December 31st. I love coke- it is truly the best tasting drink out there. The bubbles, the sugar, the caffeine… I could go on and on. It was a very difficult thing for me to do, but I held strong and finally came to a point a few months ago where I no longer craved it. I lost a lot of weight in the process- I was drinking almost 36 ounces a day after all.

And so here I am, 5 months later in Uganda, and what do you think I am drinking?  You guessed it… coke. It doesn’t count if you are in another country, does it?  I left Lacor Hospital and walked across the dirt road to buy a cold one. I paid my 2,000 shillings and downed that bottle in the 80 degree sun.

As I crossed the dirt road again, narrowly missing being hit by a boda-boda, I was suddenly ashamed. I was sauntering onto the hospital grounds with, what others would consider, a downright luxury. A beverage that costs 2,000 shillings?  Please. There are people being seen here that can’t afford to pay for their visit!  Guess what 2,000 shillings can buy at Lacor?

  • Outpatient admission and medication for one adult.
  • Outpatient admission and medication for two children.
  • AIDS clinic admission and treatment for two.

I can’t help but think of how many people I could help by donating the money I have saved on coke to Lacor Hospital. How many people can I help by giving up something else I enjoy for a day, a week, a month, a year? This, my friends, is the challenge. Want to play?  What else should I give up?  The more expensive the vice, the more money that goes to Lacor. Reply to me and let me know!  And, if you are feeling adventurous, you can join me. And don’t worry, no more coke for me once I leave Africa.


  1. Darcy

    Starbucks? I’ve tried, but I don’t think switching to Caribou counts….

  2. Mom

    I would give up chocolate (Reese’s Peanut butter Cups). How about you and peanut m&m’s and chocolate covered raisins? Enjoy your blog. Share them with Grandma.


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